Auto-generate conferencing service links when creating an event

Our new Conferencing Services feature has been released in to Alpha today and is available on all plans.

By adding an additional conferencing attribute to an event, you can request that Cronofy auto-generates conferencing links for all participants.

  "event_id": "qTtZdczOccgaPncGJaCiLg",
  "summary": "Board meeting",
  "description": "Discuss plans for the next quarter.",
  "start": "2020-04-22T15:30:00Z",
  "end": "2020-04-22T17:00:00Z",
  "conferencing": {
    "profile_id": "default"

This format will also work when added an event object to a Real Time Scheduling request.

See the conferencing services docs for more detail.

Supported Conferencing Providers

By default this will generate a 8x8 video conferencing link that anyone can access from a WebRTC compatible browser like Google Chrome.

We are also supporting the ability for your application end-users to authorize their preferred conferencing service. Instead of an 8x8 link, a meeting will be generated with this provider and the appropriate links and details will be added. We're launching with support for Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and GoToMeeting.

This authorization flow is very similar to the way end-users will authorize access to their calendars. Instructions in the Authorization docs.