Cronofy changelog
Cronofy changelog

Bulk Enterprise Connect authorization




Calendar authorization


A common pattern when using Enterprise Connect is requesting authorization for all known users or resources from the domain in quick succession.

Previously, this required an individual API request being made for each email address. For larger organizations this could mean reaching your rate limits when otherwise normal API traffic was far from reaching them.

We've now added the ability to request authorization to a collection of up to 50 email addresses in a single request. The rest of the Enterprise Connect authorization process is unchanged. This simply allows you to hand off the initial work of verifying, approving, and synchronizing your customers' schedules to Cronofy in a more efficient manner.

As part of this enhancement, we've also improved our guards against overwhelming downstream calendar services. We did this as the only foreseeable downside of accepting requests more quickly was that fulfilling them could overwhelm your customers' calendar hosting.

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