Cronofy changelog
Cronofy changelog

Conference detail templates





Templating introduces the option to take control over the appearance of Conferencing details by adding templates into your event description and location description, which are rendered with the best available information.

This feature launches with two template variables:

  • {{ cronofy.conferencing.join_url }} which represents the join URL for your conference
  • {{ cronofy.conferencing.invite_block }} which represents the full dial-in details block generated by your conferencing provider.

Fallback values are used if conferencing details are not yet available. These values are localized using the new locale parameter and currently only support en (English).

An event can now be generated using this content:

  "event_id": "templating-001",
  "summary": "Board meeting",
  "description": "We'll be discussing the next set of milestones.\\n{{ cronofy.conferencing.invite_block }}",
  "location": {
    "description": "{{ cronofy.conferencing.join_url }}"
  "start": "2021-01-31T15:30:00Z",
  "end": "2021-01-31T17:00:00Z",
  "conferencing": {
    "profile_id": "default"
  "locale": "en"

This will be rendered into the calendar with the conferencing details, or if conferencing cannot be immediately generated (if, for example, the user's profile needs to be relinked) then they evaluate to "(Details to follow)", being updated when conferencing details are created.

You can find out more in our Templating documentation