Cronofy changelog
Cronofy changelog

Developer Management





A much-requested feature has been allowing you to manage user access to your Applications in the Developer Dashboard. Well, it's here 🎉.

To do this we've introduced the concept of Organizational Units (OU) that you can invite people to. All of our existing users have been added to one of these based on their existing application access and billing relationships.

You'll see the ones you have access to in the left hand navigation. Each one is called 'xxxx Settings'.


At least one user, generally the creator of your primary Application, has been made the Owner of the OU. All other users have been given Developer or Support permissions according to what access they had in place.

Owners can change the permissions of existing users, including making them Owners as well. They can also invite new users to the OU with the set of permissions that they need.

We recommend that you log in and check what has been setup and confirm that it meets your requirements.

If you need any help with configuration, just let us know through the Support Widget or via email:

More in the Application Management section of our documentation.