Cronofy changelog
Cronofy changelog

Explicit Conferencing details





We've added the ability to explicitly set conferencing join details on events.

This expands the use cases where you can take advantage of Cronofy's and calendar providers' native understanding of conferencing. You may need to integrate with a conferencing service that we don't yet support conferencing creation for, or perhaps you have an existing integration that you wish to leverage.

This API call:

    "event_id": "i5ndr7orehwwyh",
    "summary": "One-to-one check-in",
    "start": "2020-07-23T09:00:00Z",
    "end": "2020-07-23T10:00:00Z",
    "tzid": "Etc/UTC",
    "conferencing": {
        "profile_id": "explicit",
        "provider_description": "Videotech virtual meeting",
        "join_url": ""

will give the following results in Google Calendar, for example:

Screenshot 2020-07-22 at 10.21.15.png

Read the Conferencing Services API documentation for more details.