Cronofy changelog
Cronofy changelog

Integrated Conferencing: explicit Google Meet





We support many providers as part of our Conferencing Services featureset. One conferencing provider that differs from most is Google Meet. It's effectively a feature of Google Calendar itself, which has benefits (no additional authentication needed!) and drawbacks (it's not calendar agnostic). As a result, up to now, it's only been possible to get Google Meet conferencing on an event by relying on our default conferencing behaviour, which is dependent on user preferences; requesting Google Meet explicitly hasn't been possible.

We've added the concept of integrated conferencing to solve this. When creating an event, you can use this new keyword to explicitly ask for the conferencing service built into the destination calendar. Currently, we support Google Meet for Google Calendar events, but the model allows for supporting additional similar services in the future.

On calendars, we now expose a new property of calendar_integrated_conferencing_available:

    "calendars": [
            "provider_name": "google",
            "profile_id": "pro_XpiPsafvvQBklzIg",
            "profile_name": "",
            "calendar_id": "cal_XpiEasdgfBklzIg_ePxSn6rdfxdLHU-Q",
            "calendar_name": "",
            "calendar_readonly": false,
            "calendar_deleted": false,
            "calendar_primary": true,
            "calendar_integrated_conferencing_available": true,
            "permission_level": "sandbox"

When it's available, you can create events with the new conferencing profile keyword of integrated:

    "event_id": "ns5gua3jcb8",
    "start": "2020-11-22T12:00:00Z",
    "end": "2020-11-22T13:00:00Z",
    "summary": "Second stage interview",
    "conferencing": {
        "profile_id": "integrated"

Read more in our Conferencing Services documentation.